The Many Expressions of Lisa Martinovic

In addition to this site——which features my poetry, essays, and radio commentaries, I have three other sites:  showcases my Digitally Reimagined Photography, gorgeous floral images available as premium greeting cards and prints.

Calla Jungle










 is the venue for my graphics and cartoons, available on T-shirts, thongs, coffee mugs and the proverbial much, much more…

Naked Yoga

Naked Yoga


At  you can connect with me in my capacity as Wellness Coach and Health Care Advocate.




Lisa’s Name Explained

There has long been some confusion about my name.  If you’ve only heard it, you’ll likely misspell it.  If you’ve only seen it in print, you’ll probably mispronounce it—unless you have some familiarity with Slavic languages. My last name is spelled Martinovic, and in Serbo-Croatian there would be a V-shaped accent mark above the “c” to indicate a “ch” sound, so it’s pronounced Mar-tin-o-vich. Matters are further complicated by the fact that my family name is Martinovich, and I was Lisa Martinovich until sometime in the mid 1970’s when I changed it in my zeal to go back to my roots:  the spelling of my paternal grandfather’s name was Americanized when he came to this country in 1906.  I thought the accent looked cool.

Moving on.

One more bit of clarification.  There is one other Lisa Martinovic with an internet presence—a marathon runner out of Las Vegas—and one other Lisa Martinovich—my beloved former sister-in-law.

You may reach THE Lisa Martinovic by emailing