Analog Body in a Digital World: What Have You Got to Lose?

When the weather is cooperative, I eat breakfast on the porch in front of my apartment. My nervous system is soothed in the presence of squirrels scampering, hummingbirds zipping around my neighbor’s pear tree, and bumblebees bobbing on jasmine blossoms, heavy with pollen. From my perch, I exchange greetings with neighbors as they garden, walk dogs, and push strollers down the street. This time is precious because I make sure it happens before I’ve plugged in to the digital realm. I forestall that moment as long as I can, because the instant I call up the internet, my energy shifts, my effortless calm evaporates, and I am hooked into a world that, for all its many benefits, is designed to manipulate and addict me.

You don’t need me to sound the alarm about your relationship with digital devices. Like the rest of us, you were seduced down the rabbit hole of perpetual connection before you knew it was a bottomless pit. Now you’re used to it. It’s comfy. And all your friends are here. But you’re uneasy, because part of you knows you’ve cut a deal with the devil. This is the nature of addiction. In exchange for a benefit — relaxation, pleasure, stimulation, instant access — we give up some measure of control over our lives. The fact of addiction is indisputable. Less obvious are the long-term neurological consequences of our addictive behavior. Read More


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Go Rogue with Me

Well, sir, ever since I learned of its existence I’ve wanted to join the Deep State. I’m sure you’ll find everything in order on my application. Experience in the field? Check! In fact, I’m currently working undercover as a member of a swim team. My mission is to hide in the deep end and spy on other swimmers from below. I bet you didn’t know that the older you get, the more flaccid your flesh becomes, even if you’re super strong and fit. True fact! I lie on my back at the bottom of the pool, gazing in horror at curtains of loose skin flapping around tight quadriceps like the jowls of a toothless old man as he chews. That’s but one example of the caliber of intel you can expect from Agent Martinovic.
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A Snake in the Sand


Awash in the Aftermath of a Telephonic Tryst

it’s two in the afternoon
you’re gone now
and I’m lying in bed
rolling in the high of you
my eyelids heavy
tender places swollen

I haven’t had a drink in years
but in this moment I am drunk
and dizzy from our dance
I’d be reeling
if I could stand
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Swimming in the Bay

Visual Art

Doubloons Sampler



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Naked in the Wilderness

An Oklahoma virgin is entranced by a clipboard-wielding ranger with a very big belt buckle in this improvised scene by Betsy Morris and Lisa Martinovic.